Notes :

i) For successful Form15G/H submission, VALID & OPERATIVE PAN is required.

ii) Please note that all the three fields are mandatory for login into the application.

iii) Corporate/ Companies, partnership firms, Co–op Housing societies and Non-Resident customers are not eligible to submit Form 15G/H.

vi) If you are unable to download the form, it may be possible that your PAN is not updated in our database. Kindly contact your branch and submit the details for updating the records.

v) Fresh Form 15G/H to be submitted at beginning of new FY.

vi)Please do not submit physical copy of form to branch. Acknowledgement of receipt of Form 15G/H can be downloaded and retained for reference.

vii) Annexure to Form 15H - Declaration of eligible additional deductions based on payments / investment made under Chapter VIA of Income Tax Act, 1961 is available at our Bank branches. Please submit original & physical Declaration-cum-indemnity along with Form 15H, in addition to the Form 15H limit only, in case eligible to file Form 15H.